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This consultation closed on 16 April 2018.

National Park Management Plan 2018-23Invitation to help shape the delivery plan

Foreword by Dianne Jeffrey, Chair of the Peak District National Park Management Plan Advisory Group

The Peak District National Park plays a special role well beyond its borders. It is of international, national, regional, and local importance. As well as providing a breathing space and opportunities for learning, discovery and enjoyment for millions of people, the designation of National Parks is because of their spectacular landscapes, wildlife and cultural heritage - the 'special qualities' that make them so important.

The management plan is a framework that aims to encourage everyone to work together to conserve and enhance the special qualities for the benefit of all. It is not a plan for an individual organisation or group but a plan for the place. It is, therefore, a partnership plan. It describes for everyone what the main issues and priorities are. It then sets out how, together, we are going to tackle those issues over the next five years.

One of the great successes of the current management plan was that it brought together a diverse range of stakeholders who together delivered some amazing work. These included restoring thousands of hectares of important habitat, introducing new audiences to the Peak District National Park, helping local communities to deliver essential services and assisting business to grow sustainability.

During this management plan period fresh challenges have emerged alongside new ideas in how to manage protected landscapes. This has created an incredible opportunity for us to shape a plan that will enable us to manage the Peak District National Park in a fresh and innovative way whilst ensuring its special qualities are enhanced for the benefit of all.

We received in excess of 200 responses to our first consultation on updating the management plan. As a result we now propose to focus on six areas of impact to help conserve and enhance the seven special qualities of the Peak District National Park. Previously we had identified eight areas of impact and eight special qualities. In response to many comments we now show within the plan how the areas of impact relate to the purposes of national parks and the duty imposed on the authorities that care for them.

Since the previous consultation we have developed a delivery plan that will begin to help us achieve our ambitions. The delivery plan is only a starting point and will be reviewed throughout the lifetime of the management plan. This will enable us to react to the consequences of our actions if needed and respond to developments as they occur.

The management plan is a plan for the place and for the people who live and work here and enjoy it. We want to hear from everyone who cares for the Peak District National Park, whose work shapes and protects its iconic landscapes and who enjoy its benefits.

The comments we receive from this second and final consultation will be instrumental in shaping the management plan for the period 2018-23 so please take this opportunity to share with us your ideas of how to enhance this special place. I also encourage you to share this consultation document with colleagues, friends and anyone else who you know has a passion for the Peak District National Park.

I firmly believe that together we can achieve great things for the Peak District National Park.

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