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The new system will be intuitive and user-friendly. Suppliers can pre-register so will be automatically updated when a contract opportunity is advertised for their pre-registered categories of interest. Suppliers will be able to see all invitations to tender or quote, and their status (for example, open, or deadline passed) and download and upload through the system. Messages will also be sent through the system.

This will mean...

  • The set-up of the procurement process will be quicker and easier
  • The system will reflect our contract procedure rules
  • The system will reflect up-to-date procurement legislation, transparency and fairness requirements along with any relevant post-Brexit compliance
  • Standard documents will be able to be accessed and adapted
  • Adverts will be automatically published to our portal, Contracts Finder and - if necessary - Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
  • Suppliers will be able to pre-register interest in categories of contract and be notified automatically rather than having to check on our website repeatedly or miss out
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  • Evaluations will be done through the system
  • Contract dates (for example - contract extensions, expiry dates) can be managed through the system
  • In-contract management (for example - renewals, compliance with milestones, record keeping, automated key date reminders will be easily accessible)
  • Procurements will be fully auditable. This will particularly help if we are subject to funding regimes that require compliance with procurement processes.

What happens next?

  1. We will contact our current and regular suppliers so that their details can be pre-registered on the system
  2. We will arrange a bidders day – a face to face session to introduce the new system.

Invitation to Tender for Dove Headwaters Hydrological Restoration Project

We are looking to appoint a contractor to deliver hydrological restoration of two moorland blocks and hydrological survey and restoration recommendations for a third site on Authority-owned/leased land within the Staffordshire Moorlands (Leeks Moors SSSI). Please see the attached Invitation to Tender document and associated maps and appendices. Section 2 details how to submit your tender. All tenders applications must be returned by 12 noon on Friday 8th January 2021.

Contract location: Staffordshire Moorlands (Leek Moors SSSI) within the Peak District National Park
Contract value: Minimum value £25,000
Publication date: Mon 14 Dec 2020
Closing date: Wed 8 Jan 2020
Notice type: opportunity
Notice status: open

Associated documents

  1. Dove-Headwaters-Project-ITT-Introduction.pdf (246.1 KB)
  2. Section-1-Part-1.-Bareleg-hydrological-restoration-brief.pdf (561.4 KB)
  3. 1.1-Bareleg-Location-map.pdf (734.3 KB)
  4. 1.2-Bareleg-Habitat-map.pdf (129.0 KB)
  5. 1.3-Bareleg-Archaeology-interest.pdf (123.0 KB)
  6. Section-1-Part-2.-Merryton-Low-post-fire-moorland-restoration-brief.pdf (1.1 MB)
  7. 2.1-Merryton-Low-location-map.pdf (710.7 KB)
  8. 2.2-Merryton-Low-habitat-map-prior-to-fire-damage.pdf (1.5 MB)
  9. 2.3-Merryton-Low-main-archaeological-features.pdf (437.6 KB)
  10. Section-1-Part-3.-Middle-Hills-hydro-survey-brief.pdf (502.8 KB)
  11. 3.1-Middle-Hills-Hydrological-survey-area-.pdf (806.1 KB)
  12. 3.2-Middle-Hills-and-Bareleg-habitat-map.pdf (434.9 KB)
  13. 3.3-Middlehills-Main-Archaeological-Interest.pdf (474.4 KB)
  14. Section-2.-Instructions-on-submitting-a-tender.pdf (585.4 KB)
  15. APPENDIX-3-Form-of-Tender.docx (30.0 KB)
  16. APPENDIX-4-Tender-return-form.docx (23.8 KB)
  17. APPENDIX-5-Hazards-associated-with-the-works.pdf (319.7 KB)
  18. APPENDIX-6-Tender-Questionnaire.docx (41.7 KB)
  19. APPENDIX-7-Non-Collusive-Tendering-Certificate.docx (16.0 KB)
  20. APPENDIX-8-Scoring-Methodology.pdf (105.2 KB)
  21. APPENDIX-9-Form-of-contract.pdf (121.6 KB)
  22. APPENDIX-10-Conditions.pdf (347.8 KB)

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