South West Peak Landscape Partnership

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The South West Peak Landscape Partnership is a new Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) - funded partnership seeking to understand, value and conserve the South West Peak part of the Peak District.

With the development funding granted to us by the Heritage Lottery Fund the partnership will:

  • collect lots of information about the South West Peak, its important features, things that are at risk or under threat and the opportunities that are present;
  • talk to people who live, work or visit the area to understand why it is important to them, what they think needs to happen and how they can get involved;
  • build an even stronger partnership and plan the details of a series of projects.

The partnership intends to:

  • work closely with landowners and farmers to support them in managing the special qualities of this landscape – the important habitats and species and the historical remains; to understand what they need to keep their farming businesses alive; and to ensure that they feel valued by other people who enjoy the South West Peak.
  • make sure that the things people value about this landscape are still here for generations to come, hay meadows buzzing with life, moorlands home to lots of different species, clean water in the rivers, the distinctive field barns and the dry stone walls.
  • educate and train young people in the skills they will need to look after this landscape.
  • encourage people in nearby towns to visit and enjoy the South West Peak.
  • provide opportunities for people to volunteer their time and learn new skills, for instance in monitoring hay meadows and surveying field barns.

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Supported by the National Lottery HEritage Lottery Fund

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