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National Parks are very special places. They are designated for their outstanding natural beauty, wildlife, cultural heritage and the opportunities they offer for enjoyment.

The Peak District became the UK's first National Park in 1951. In many places it looks wild and rugged but in reality such areas are extremely fragile. Every year millions of people choose to visit and explore the Peak District which can put ever-increasing pressure upon the landscape and can impact the people who live and work here.

Help us look after the National Park - our animation explains why and how to enjoy your visit... (subtitled version is also available:

Do This - classroom resources

Help young children discuss countryside issues in an entertaining manner using these lesson ideas.

Create a snapdragon.

Use these flashcards and instructions to help instigate a discussion on a range of issues.

Do This - resources for teachers and group leaders

Please find below resources that can be used to support the 'Do This' animation. These will support on going discussion around responsible visiting:

Useful links

If you are a teacher/group leader, you might find these resources useful:

If you are a visitor, you can find out what to see and do in the Peak District National Park here:

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