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Questions and answers

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1. Nothing can get built in a National Park so why should we bother?

Development is restricted in a National Park, but that doesn’t mean there is no development at all. Previously used land can be re-developed and strategic policy also allows for new build affordable housing, community facilities and small scale retail and business premises in or on the edge of many villages.  Residents have real power to help decide what gets built and where, and have described the process as ‘like having a place at the table’ along with landowners, developers and the National Park Authority.

2. It seems like hard work, what help will we get?

A Parish Council can undertake the work itself, involve other local residents or hire a neighbourhood planning consultant for some or all of the tasks. A national grant of £10,000 is available and the National Park Authority will give significant help from start to finish.

Click here to apply for the grant and for other information.

Click here for Central Government guidance and legislation.

3. How much will it cost?

Communities typical of the National Park could be expected to produce a neighbourhood plan by using the grant and the free help that is available.  Costs will vary depending on:

  • the size of the neighbourhood area and the population
  • the scope of the plan – whether it addresses a single issue or a series of complex issues
  • how much residents wish to get involved
  • how much help is available ‘for free’ from the National Park Authority and the voluntary and community sector.

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