Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Why volunteer with us?

It is good for you. For some people volunteering means their personal skills and passions are harnessed to conserve and enhance the Peak District National Park’s special qualities - it is a way of ‘putting something back’ into a cherished place. For others volunteering develops new skills, knowledge and confidence, and is a way of discovering the National Park. It can be a vital pathway into a career in conservation, rangers and outdoor education, where a track record of voluntary work is often essential.

It is good for us. A commitment to volunteering means we can achieve so much more for the Peak District National Park. Our volunteers can boost our ability to deliver by more than 8,000 hours each year, an amazing addition to the capacity of our full-time team. It can also help to ensure we make better decisions since we are drawing on a more diverse range of life experiences.

Volunteers lie at the heart of many organisations and the Peak District National Park Authority is no exception. As a volunteer you will be an ambassador for the National Park not just whilst you are spending time with us, but in sharing your experiences with friends, family and colleagues.

For those you meet and engage with, you will be a friendly face of the National Park – helping to guide, inform and enhance their experiences. You are central to the National Park Authority team and we all look forward to working with you to care for the Peak District National Park.

As a National Park volunteer you can be confident that you will:

  • be involved in work that helps others to understand and enjoy the Peak District National Park
  • have the training and equipment that you need for your role
  • have supervision and work alongside experienced volunteers and regular staff
  • be protected by the same health and safety regulations as paid staff.

We want to provide a professional service to our volunteers, but we also want you to have fun and enjoy your volunteering experience. We would like you to know that the time you give us is very much appreciated.

Check out our current volunteering opportunities.

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