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Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points in the Peak District

Electric car in the countryside

From January 2024, we are pleased to welcome our very first EV charging points across three popular sites managed by the National Park Authority in the Peak District. These include:

An EV charge point is already available for guest use only at our North Lees Campsite.

You 'Pay as you Go' for your charge at each location in a dedicated bay and all charging fees are received by the National Park for investment in the sites where they are based. Our chargers are provided by Pod Point, who've an app that allows you to see if the charge point is free before arrival and to Pay as you Go for your charge. In most cases you will also need a relevant Pay & Display ticket for the duration of your stay.

Check for a full list of Peak District National Park and UK-wide charge point locations, types and prices, and for a useful journey planner to calculate distances and costs.

With the continued growth of EV as a means of transport and their reduced emissions when travelling within the National Park, we’re pleased to be able to offer these new facilities - proudly supported by BMW’s Recharge in Nature partnership with UK National Parks.

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Millers Dale station car park charging points - open

Now available and located in our Millers Dale station car park at the back of the Refreshment Rooms cafe; adjacent to and around halfway along the Monsal Trail with café, toilets and the Goods Shed information point.

  • Postcode: SK17 8SN
  • What3Words: ///thighs.suddenly.tabs
  • x2 charging points with x4 sockets
  • 7kW chargers
  • £ (please see PodPoint on site) per kWh + valid Pay & Display parking

Parsley Hay / Bike Hire Centre

Located at our Parsley Hay bike hire and car park, toilets and close to the popular village and nearby White Peak walks and landscapes.

  • Postcode: SK17 8QH
  • What3Words: ///text.wisdom.comedy
  • x2 charging points with x4 sockets
  • 7kW chargers
  • £ (please see PodPoint on site) per kWh + valid Pay & Display parking

Moorland Centre (Edale) campsite guest charging point

Located at the Moorland Centre (Edale visitor centre), these chargers are available for use by guests staying at the adjacent campsite - please note there is no general public parking or charging at this location (this is due to the limited space available).

  • Postcode: SK33 7ZA
  • x1 charging points with x2 sockets
  • 7kW chargers
  • £ (please see PodPoint on site) per kWh

EV charging points - frequently asked questions

Can I pre-book book a charger? Sorry, our EV chargers cannot be booked in advance – to ensure fair availability is open to all – however, current live availability can be checked at Zap Map.

How many chargers are at each location? Please check the dedicated listings above. Provision varies between 2 - 4 charging sockets at each location.

Do I also have to pay any required Pay & Display rates?  Yes, you will also need to purchase and display a relevant Pay& Display ticket for the duration of your stay. We require this to ensure fairness with non-EV users who are also parking at our facilities. EV charge rates do not automatically include any relevant Pay & Display fee.

There’s a non-EV vehicle in the charging bay(s), who should I contact? Unfortunately as a National Park Authority we are not able to enforce or take direct action against EV bays being used inappropriately, but you may wish to make any parking enforcement officers provided by our partners present at the time aware.

What about ‘bay hogging’ by EV users? Whilst we cannot patrol all sites continuously, we ask that EV visitors respect the use of charging bays and allow fair and reasonable access for everyone, including moving their vehicle once sufficiently charged. We also require all EV users to purchase a relevant Pay & Display ticket for the duration of their stay.

Where do EV charge fees go? All charging fees are collected by the National Park Authority directly and will be used to support maintenance, conservation, investment in facilities and other projects at the locations where the EV points are based.

Do your charging partners receive any fees? No. After standard operating costs all fees are collected by the National Park Authority. The initial installation of the EV charging points at the locations above has been supported by BMW’s Recharge in Nature programme.

Why have 7kw chargers been used? Can’t you install ‘rapid charge’ machines? Power supply in the majority of rural areas in the Peak District is generally very limited and there are few locations that have the capacity to support ‘rapid chargers’. These are often close to town or urban locations where other charge provision may already exist. Our current EV charge locations have been chosen as we know that visitors may often be enjoying a longer visit, meaning the chargers available provide a welcome benefit to supporting EV-based trips to the National Park and will allow for a number of additional miles’ use for each vehicle.

Our funding partnership with BMW also means that we can install several chargers at up to three locations, as opposed to a single, rapid charger that would typically come at considerable cost. The project overall is expected to reduce non-EV parking capacity by fewer than 10 spaces across our entire network of car parks and around 1,800 spaces.

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