State of the Park Report


Welcome to the Peak District National Park State of the Park. In 2018 we launched our National Park Management Plan. The report below draws together all the research and data that helped shape the process of the Management Plan and strategies.

The topic papers started a process of the review of the National Park Management Plan (NPMP) by providing an assessment of how the National Park has changed over the previous period. We are now in the process of collating wider data and information to enhance these topic papers to support the NPMP during its delivery phase. These will be delivered in a series of State of the Park reports based around key themes of the Peak District National Park Special Qualities.

The National Parks Circular 2010 states: "An essential part of the process of review of a Park Management Plan is an assessment of how the Park has changed over the previous period. The Authorities are expected to lead by compiling the State of the Park report which should include information about the current state of the Park, and on issues affecting:

  • the special qualities of the Park, and factors that have direct implications for the special qualities, such as the health of the natural resources of air, biodiversity, soil and water;
  • how these special qualities are enjoyed and by whom;
  • the economic and social well-being of Park communities insofar as this is connected to the Authority pursuing Park purposes."


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