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North Lees campsite

Camping is one of the best ways of experiencing the National Park.

North Lees campsite

North Lees Campsite at Stanage is owned and managed by the National Park Authority where you can bring your own tent or stay in one of our state-of-the-art camping pods.

For a full list of other campsites in the Peak District, see the free Camping and Caravanning Guide.

Wild camping

There is no provision under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act for camping on open access land. If you wish to wild camp in the Peak District National Park you must first obtain permission from the landowner before camping otherwise you will be committing a trespass.

We do not allow wild camping on any land that we own.

Landowners - 60-day permitted development rules on temporary campsites

All developers wanting to use the 60-day permitted campsite rule must notify the National Park Authority in writing before the commencement of development each calendar year.  When notifying us the developer must provide a site plan showing the land to be used for camping and must include details of the toilet and waste disposal facilities as well as the dates on which the campsite will be in use.

We will be able to advise whether the proposed campsite is within a flood zone. If the area is within Flood Zone 2 or 3, a Prior approval for a campsite in a flood zone application will be required each calendar year and the developer will be required to submit a site-specific flood risk assessment, including a warning and evacuation plan. These will allow us to consider the flood risks on the site and in doing so, we are required to consult the Environment Agency.

The Authority will forward details of all campsites to the local fire and rescue service.

The new regulations allow for up to 50 pitches which include motorhomes and campervans or other motor vehicles incorporating accommodation but not conventional caravans.

The construction or erection of any fixed infrastructure such as buildings, tracks, new accesses or hardstanding areas will require planning permission.

Full details of the 60-day campsite rules (129KB)

If the proposed campsite is within a flood zone 2 or 3, and you would like advice on whether your application is likely to be approved, it is open to you to use our Pre-application advice service: Peak District National Park

If landowners go ahead with camping without advance notification/approval then they cannot benefit from the new PD right.

The previous permitted development for camping for up to 28 days per year is also still in place until  Thursday 25 July 2024.

If you have any queries on any of the above or want to advise us you wish to use the 60-day rule, please contact us on

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