Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Sensory Trails

Young family enjoying the Peak District National Park

Use your senses to connect with and immerse yourself in the Peak District National Park on our Sensory trails.  They will help you to slow down, be aware of the world around you, savour the moment and connect with nature. Noticing nature, its beauty, your emotions in nature and what it means to you are key to developing a closer relationship with nature, which is good for you and your well being.

Fairholmes in the Upper Derwent Valley

Discover and enjoy this popular route from the Visitor Centre along the Derwent Dam Miles without Stiles.

Manifold Way

Take your time to wind your way slowly along the upper section of the Manifold Way Miles without Stiles.

Tideswell Dale

Discover all there is to see, hear and feel along the upper section of the Tideswell Dale Miles without Stiles.

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