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White Peak Landscape Recovery

White Peak Landscape

Do you farm in the White Peak? Join the White Peak Landscape Recovery bid

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) are hosting a meeting where we can tell you more and answer any questions.

Please join us on Friday 8 September, 7.30pm at Flagg Village Hall, Mycock Lane, Flagg SK17 9ED.

What is Landscape Recovery?

It’s a new Defra scheme to recover nature and benefit farming across whole landscapes.

In the Peak District, it’s for farmers and land managers working together with the National Park to enhance the White Peak’s wildlife.

White Peak farm land

What area will it cover?

The ambition is to include the whole of the White Peak, though this depends on interest from farmers and may take some years to achieve – the more farms involved the better!

What sort of work might this support?

You would help decide what it covers, it could be...

  • traditional and nature-friendly mixed farming with legume-herb swards
  • planting scattered trees along field edges and corners
  • enhancing existing flower-rich grasslands and hay meadows
  • low-input woody pasture or agro-forestry on the dale-tops.

Bee on Scabius

How can I get involved?

Take part in the initial 2-year development phase to help identify workable options to fund thriving farms, dales and nature.

If, after the first phase you’re not convinced, you can pull out and don’t need to deliver anything on the ground. There’s nothing to lose, you can only gain by taking part.


Please email or phone us: or 01629 816200.

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