How we look after access

There are many opportunities for access in the Peak District National Park from the extensive network of public rights of way, long traffic-free trails to the wilder areas of open access land.

The Peak District National Park Authority is responsible for looking after access land and we also help the Highways Authorities to manage the public rights of way network.

The Access and Rights of Way Team works to help everyone to understand where they can and cannot go and what they can and cannot do on access and rights of way in the National Park.

We protect, manage, promote and improve access in the National Park by working closely with the National Park Rangers, Highway Authorities, landowners, communities and recreational user groups.

We also support the Local Access Forum as the statutory adviser on access and recreation matters in the National Park.

Mike Rhodes, Access and Rights of Way Manager – "My job is to act as a middle-man between the people visiting the National Park and the people living and working in it. I oversee access on the ground, working with Rangers and others. I am in regular contact with landowners, conservationists and access groups either individually on specific issues or through the Local Access Forum which I also organise. I can be contacted at"

Richard Pett, Rights of Way officer (part-time) – "My role is to liaise between Rights of Way users and the Highway Authorities who are responsible for rights of way. I provide expert advice and discuss with the Highway Authorities any repairs or improvements to the network. I also monitor and manage the use by recreational motorised vehicles. I can be contacted at"

Sue Smith, Access Officer (part-time) & Rights of Way Officer (part-time) – "I look after access land and implement the strategy on recreational motorised vehicles. I work closely with others to ensure that residents and visitors are able to enjoy the National Park whilst making sure any impacts on its special environment or land management are minimised. I also seek to promote opportunities for improving access and accessibility throughout the National Park including through the Access Fund. I can be contacted at"

How to help us look after access

We rely on funding, donations and volunteers to support us in carrying out access improvements. If you would like to contribute to on the ground improvements in the National Park you can do this by making a donation to the Access Fund or volunteering with the Peak Park Conservation Volunteers(PPCV). Other volunteering opportunities are with the Local Access Forum or as a volunteer ranger.


Please contact the Access and Rights of Way Team:

  • for enquiries about access and restrictions on open access land
  • for enquiries about managing access
  • for diversions linked to applications for planning permission
  • if you have funding to improve or create access
  • if you would like to discuss signage or replacing a stile with a gate
  • if you are seeking someone to carry out access maintenance works
  • if you would like to be emailed our newsletter.

Please contact the Highway Authorities:

  • for enquiries about the legal status of public rights of way
  • to report problems with the condition of a route
  • to report an obstruction
  • for any works that you intend to carry out on public rights of way

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