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Miles without Stiles

Miles without Stiles are well-surfaced easy access routes without stiles, steps, or steep gradients. They provide access to amazing views, moorland expanses, intimate dales, dramatic geology, distinctive habitats, tranquil and undeveloped areas, and history.

Miles without Stiles are suitable for people of all fitness levels and those with limited mobility, including wheelchair users, families with pushchairs, and the visually impaired. Some of the routes may also be ideal for young children to cycle on.

The routes are graded to show whether they are accessible for ‘all’, ‘many’ or ‘some’ and are accompanied by clear maps, photographs and videos, and a handbook.

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The routes are available to download or the handbook is priced at £5.95, with every penny going towards access improvements. You can purchase the book from any of our visitor centres or through our online shop.


To discuss any of the routes, further access improvements, or just to let us know how you got on, please contact


If you would like to help with further access improvements in the National Park, please consider making a donation to the Access Fund. A donation of any amount will help to improve access for the inspiration and enjoyment of all.

Miles without Stiles - Access For All

For All

Gradients will be no more than 1:10. The surface will be tarmac or compacted stone with a diameter of 10mm or less. Suitable for pushchairs and unassisted wheelchairs.

Miles without Stiles - Access For Many

For Many

Gradients may be up to 1:8 on newly built sections. The surfacing will be stone of 4cm diameter or less. Suitable for assisted wheelchairs and more robust, all-terrain type equipment.

Miles without Stiles - Access For Some

For Some

Slopes greater than 1:8 will have improved surfacing or handrails. Stone surfacing will be less than 10cm in diameter and steps or breaks less than 10cm in height. Suitable for robust all-terrain type equipment and off-road mobility vehicles.

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