Your planning application


This section will help guide you through the process of making a planning application.

The application process

This set of questions and answers helps explain what happens to your application from the date you submit it to the date a decision is made.

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How to apply

We are committed to helping you submit a valid application. You can apply online or with a paper form and you must make sure you submit the correct fee.

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Application forms and notes

Planning law means that we – and all other planning authorities in England and Wales – can only accept standard national planning application forms (called 1APP forms) from you. There are different forms for different types of planning application. You should check the Local Validation List to see what information you may need to submit to support your application. The Local Validation list applies to planning applications (other than Lawful Development Certificates).  The list has been amended from 6 September and requires details on how a proposal will reduce carbon emissions and incorporate measures to reduce the contribution to climate change sustainability.  

When submitting a Lawful Development Certificate application, the LDC Local Validation List has been adopted and should be used from 6 September.

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Validation guidance

We have provided a range of guidance leaflets to assist you when making your planning application.  The guidance explains the information you need to submit as set out in the Local Validation List. We may need additional information in order to assess your application, and we have provided guidance to cover the most common requirements. Supplementary planning guidance on climate change and sustainable buildings is available online.    

The decision-making process

Waiting to hear the outcome of your planning application may leave you waiting on tenterhooks. We've written a set of commonly asked questions about the decision-making process to explain how and when a decision is reached about your application.

Find out more about the decision-making process.

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