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Trails Management Plan

Woodland, heather moorland and grassland separated by dry stone wall

Trails Management Plan

Read the Trails Management Plan (2.9MB)  which runs from April 2013 to March 2018.

The Trails Management Plan covers a five-year period and focuses on the management of the four Authority-owned recreational trails. These are:

  • Monsal Trail
  • Tissington Trail
  • High Peak Trail
  • Thornhill Trail

All four trails are popular with a wide variety of users, including walkers, cyclists and horse riders. As the trails are old railway lines, they offer easy-to-access routes within areas of beautiful landscape that are rich in wildlife and historic interest.

Trails Steering Group

The trails steering group, which represents the main interest groups and user groups associated with the trails, has been instrumental in developing the plan. The trails steering group took part in four workshops. The summary reports for these workshops are provided below.

Public consultation

The public consultation on the draft five-year management plan for the trails closed on 18 September 2012. In total, 23 written responses were received, generating 112 specific comments.

The report includes a response summary table that groups comments into headline and detailed concerns. It includes references to a specific trail where appropriate, and it explains the Authority's response to all comments, highlighting any resulting action or amendment to the Trails Management Plan.

Implementing the plan

The Authority will now begin implementing the management plan and will continue to work closely with the Trails Steering Group to review progress. For more information, please contact

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