Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge


Caving is highly-popular and one of the best ways to discover the Peak's inner beauty.

The Peak District is home to the highest natural cavern in the UK - Titan Cave, Castleton (464ft, 141.5m), discovered by local pot-holers in 2000.

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Beginners must use an expert when giving it a go. There are several activity centres in the Peak District that offer an exhilarating days caving under the guidance of a suitably trained and qualified instructor. The centres will provide all the necessary equipment; wetsuit, oversuit, helmet, light and wellies. All you need are some warm clothes.

For further information visit and follow the link "New to Caving?" Here you can download British Caving Association's two leaflets: "Try Caving" and "So, You Want to Go Caving."

The Peak District is riddled with fantastic underground formations which you can see in safe and well-lit show caves – visit the caves and caverns section at The show caverns in Castleton are the only place that Blue John stone is found.

The British Caving Library is a national research and reference library based in the Peak District. For more information and to arrange a visit please Email

Also, check out these ambassador centres who offer caving opportunities.

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The Peak District enjoys an extensive public transport network, enabling you to have a full day out exploring the area without using the car.

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