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Tree works advice

If you are concerned about, or wish to carry out work on a tree/s in the Peak District National Park, either at your property or otherwise, please note the following information...

Immediate and urgent problems

If the tree or trees are dangerous or require immediate action, please contact a local qualified tree surgeon and ask them to liaise directly with us on 01629 816200 or

Trees on the road

Trees on the roads are dealt with by DCC Highways department, their contact details are:

General enquiries

If you wish to carry out work on a tree or trees, you need to check if they are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or are within a conservation area or if they have a planning restriction attached to them. Please contact our Customer and Democratic Support Team on 01629 816200 or who will be able to provide the information you need and will log your enquiry.

Tree Preservation Order and/or Conservation Area and/or Planning Restriction in existence

  • If the tree has a TPO in place, you must apply for permission to undertake any works to the tree, as it is an offence to undertake work to protected trees without written permission from the Local Authority.
  • If your tree is within a Conservation Area, you must notify this Authority six weeks before carrying out works to trees.
  • Failure to obtain consent can result in a court appearance and unlimited fine.
  • If the tree is protected by a TPO or is in a Conservation Area, or has a planning restriction in place, then please could you complete the form below:

Please Note: The enquiry cannot proceed until a completed form is submitted to us.

No Tree Preservation Order / No Conservation Area / No Planning Restriction

Even if the tree is not protected by a TPO and is not within a Conservation Area, nor has a planning restriction, we would still advise you to proceed with an enquiry and complete the application for tree advice:

Please Note: The enquiry cannot proceed and advice cannot be offered until a completed form is submitted to us.

Is the tree in a conservation area?

Enter your postcode or street in the below search box to find out if your property is in a conservation area.

Land and properties within a Conservation Area are highlighted in yellow.

If you need help or have any questions please contact our Customer and Democratic Service team on 01629 816200 or email:

Further information on the process

When you contact us you will be asked to provide your name, address and contact information, together with details of the tree, its location and any works you wish to carry out.

You will be given a reference number and on receipt of the completed form the enquiry will be passed to our Tree Conservation Officer to process.

The current turnaround for tree enquiries is approximately five weeks from receipt of completed form. We will endeavour to deal with each enquiry as quickly as possible, with dangerous trees taking priority.

Should you require paper forms please contact our Customer and Democratic Support Team on 01629 816200 or and we will send the forms out to you.

Forestry Commission  Public Register

Use the Forestry Commission Public Register to find details of proposed forestry work and on decisions that the Forestry Commission has made to approve or reject proposals.

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