Wild side


Celebrate open access and walk on the wild side to explore the spirit of the uplands and the passion of the Peak District.

The freedom to roam brought large parts of the Peak District’s wilder landscape within reach of walkers, climbers, runners and wildlife enthusiasts, allowing visitors to wander at will without Wild sidekeeping to public paths and opening up a new world to be explored inside Britain’s first national park.

Access to this precious heritage has been hard-won and needs protecting now and in the future and we are doing this by working with all those who enjoy and care for our wilder areas.

Passing through vast open areas of wild landscape knowing that at any point it is possible to head off on foot to discover these areas is liberating. The lure of the moors and wild heights is an inspiration not only to many people but also to local businesses - Bakewell-based Thornbridge Brewery have even created a new beer, Wild Side, in celebration of open access. Local food and drink are vital in triggering economic benefit from tourism and helping to spread the message of visiting and enjoying the national park.


Find out where to visit and how we look after our open access.



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