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Motor Vehicle Users FAQs

Where can I go off-roading?

‘Off-roading’ is often used to mean 4x4 and motorcycle use away from the normal road network. It is legal for vehicles to use unsurfaced routes, such as byways, but not to go on to private land unless with the landowner’s permission.

Which routes can I use?

Byways Open to all Traffic are routes legally used by motorised vehicles, carriage drivers, horse riders, cyclists and walkers. There are other routes known as Unclassified Roads where the legal right has yet to be clarified by the Highway Authorities.

Where are these routes shown?

Ordnance Survey maps show routes available for motorised vehicle use. Highway Authorities have the most up to date information and are responsible for producing what is called the Definitive Map – this gives the legal status of routes and says who can and can’t use them.

Why are there fewer routes for me to use?

A number of routes previously used by motor vehicles are now not legally available to motors. This is because of changes in legislation or legal classification by the Highway Authority. There are also some routes where restrictions are in place because of unsuitability or to enable repairs to be carried out.

Where can I find out about restricted routes?

The Authority has made a number of traffic regulation orders restricting use to protect the National Park. You can see details on our restrictions page. Some routes will also have signage encouraging restraint at certain times of the year. Please take notice of any signs.

What if I see someone where they shouldn’t be?

If you come across motorsport enthusiasts who are driving or riding in areas where you know they shouldn’t be then please either encourage them to act responsibly or report to the Police by phoning 101.

I’d like to organise an event?

If you plan to organise an event for any type of motor vehicle, you must get authorisation from the Motor Sports Association. Such events are governed by strict regulations. Please also notify the relevant Highway Authority and ourselves.

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