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Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Order 96/2022, Woodland at Cressbrook Dale, North of Cressbrook Derbyshire SK17 8SX, Grid Reference: SK171732

Tree Preservation Order 96/2022 was confirmed by the Peak District National Park Authority on 13 January 2023 with no modifications.

The formal notice was published on 22 July 2022.

In simple terms, no one is allowed to cut down, top or lop without our permission any of the trees described in the Schedule of the order and shown on the map.

We have made the order because...

The woodlands are clearly visible from:

  • Bottomhill Road, Cressbrook
  • Middle, Row, Cressbrook
  • Public Right of Way WD66/20/1
  • Public Right of Way WD66/12/3
  • Public Right of Way WD66/19/1
  • Cressbrook village

The loss of this ancient semi-natural woodland, including ancient, veteran, mature and semi-mature trees would have a negative impact on the character of the landscape, the local environment and its enjoyment by the public.

The ancient woodland is an irreplaceable habitat, has very high arboricultural value and high public visibility. The woodland makes a significant contribution to the character of the area and is therefore considered to be of sufficient public amenity and arboricultural quality to merit protection by a tree preservation order.

There is an important expediency argument for placing a TPO on this woodland, as the woodland has recently changed ownership to multiple owners, with the potential of many more ‘micro-freeholders’ having a stake in the land. This has raised concerns from local residents about potential damage and destruction of the woodland and future management of the site, stating potential loss of canopy cover, associated loss of wildlife, concerns about increased footfall and vehicular access to the site if there are multiple owners/ stakeholders on the land and the associated detrimental affects on the ancient semi-natural woodland.

The order came into force, on a temporary basis, on 22 July 2022, and will remain in force for six months. During this time we will decide whether the order should be given permanent status.

People affected by the order have a right to object or make comments on any of the trees or woodlands covered before we decide whether the order should be made permanent.

If you would like to make any objections or comments, please make sure we receive them in writing by 22 November 2022. Your comments must meet regulation 6 of the Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation) (England) Regulations 2012 (a copy is set out below). Please send your comments to Felicity Stout Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1AE. We will carefully consider all objections and comments before deciding whether to make the order permanent.

We will write to you again when we have made our decision. In the meantime, if you would like any more information or have any questions about this letter and notice, please contact Felicity Stout address as above and telephone number 01629816308.

Peak District National Park Authority


Objections and representations

6(1) Subject to paragraph (2), objections and representations-

(a) shall be made in writing and-

(i)delivered to the authority not later than the date specified by them under regulation 5(2)(c); or

(ii) sent to the authority in a properly addressed and pre-paid letter posted at such time that, in the ordinary course of post, it would be delivered to them not later than that date;

(b) shall specify the particular trees, groups of trees or woodlands (as the case may be) in respect of which the objections or representations are made; and

(c) in the case of an objection, shall state the reasons for the objection.

6(2)The authority may treat as duly made objections and representations which do not comply with the requirements of paragraph (1) if, in the particular case, they are satisfied that compliance with those requirements could not reasonably have been expected.

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