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Illegal use

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We work with the police, residents and user groups to prevent illegal motor vehicle activity.

Illegal use may take place:

  • on routes which carry no vehicle rights (such as footpaths or bridleways)
  • on routes with legal restrictions
  • on land adjacent to routes with vehicle access.

The highway authorities maintain records of the legal status of routes.

Green lanes are subject to exactly the same rules as a normal surfaced road. Users and their vehicle should be road legal. For example, they should ensure:

  • their vehicle is road legal
  • they are have a full and valid driving licence
  • they are insured
  • they have road tax
  • their vehicle has legal number plates

How we prevent illegal use

  • We investigate the legal status of routes with the relevant highway authority.
  • We monitor use by logging vehicles.
  • We liaise with the police on enforcement action.
  • We identify actions for sites with intense use.
  • We liaise with the highway authorities over signage and barriers.
  • We work with vehicle user groups on problem areas.

We use electronic vehicle loggers to record use by vehicles. The police can use this information to target their actions against those responsible. Police action can range from issuing warning notices for first-time offenders to confiscating vehicles for repeat offenders.

Operation Blackbrook is a joint venture with Derbyshire Police to target illegal use by vehicles. It has two elements: advisory and enforcement. The Peak and Derbyshire Vehicles User Group supports the advisory days.

How you can prevent illegal use

  1. Encourage responsible use through membership of a motor vehicle club.
  2. Telephone the police on 101 (the number for non-emergency crime) if you see vehicle users:
  • leaving the track to drive or ride on open land
  • driving or riding on footpaths, bridleways or restricted routes
  • driving or riding in a vehicle that is not road legal

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