Supporting documents

peak district landscape

There are a number of supporting documents that are also used within the planning process.

Statement of community involvement

When we write and revise planning policies, and make decisions on planning applications, we involve individuals, local communities and stake holders. This document explains how we do this.

To produce this document we held two public consultations. The comments received and our feedback can be seen in the following two documents, along with the adoption notice.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme explains which documents make up the Local Development Framework Core Strategy. It also sets out a timetable for when these documents will be written and reviewed.

Annual monitoring reports

Each year, we measure how we are performing against the timescales set out in the Local Development Scheme. The annual monitoring reports provide information on the extent to which policies are being achieved, and whether any document needs reviewing before its scheduled review date.

Structure Plan

Since the East Midlands Regional Plan (Regional Spatial Strategy or RSS8) was adopted in 2009, the Peak District National Park Structure Plan no longer contains any statutory policy. However, the National Park Authority continues refer to the Structure Plan in planning decisions wherever this remains useful or necessary in support of the Local Plan.

Evidence base

The process to develop the Local Development Framework Core Strategy involved analysing an evidence base of commissioned background studies and other documents. The evidence library includes links to all the documents.

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