Green lanes code


The Green Lanes Code was developed by motorised vehicle users, horse riders, cyclists and walkers. 

Please be responsible and follow good practice


  • Be sure you can see or be seen by others
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop where:
    • Limited visibility
    • Narrow sections
    • Rocky, rutted or loose surface
    • Sensible for other users
  • Do not exceed maximum speed limits:
    • 5mph for 4 wheeled vehicles
    • 15mph for motorbikes


  • Be road legal (tax, insurance, condition)
  • Ride to your ability taking into account:
    • seasonal changes
    • nature of surface of the track
  • Join a group to gain expertise
  • Do not use roads too narrow for your vehicle
  • Do not use winches

Group size

  • Keep to a small group size:
    • 4 for 4 wheeled vehicles
    • 6 for motorcycles
  • Hold back if another group is ahead

Please respect others & the environment

Giving Way

  • Respect the hierarchy of use
  • Vehicle users give way to all users
  • Cyclists give way to horse riders and walkers
  • Horse riders give way to walkers
  • Keep to the left
  • Leave room for others to pass
  • Be prepared to wait


  • Keep to the track
  • Follow signage
  • Keep dogs under control
  • Travel quietly and unobtrusively
  • Avoid damage when the ground is soft from:
    • Cantering and galloping
    • Weight of 4 wheeled vehicles
    • Motorbikes on steep hills

Look after

  • Fasten gates that you open
  • Avoid damage to trees, hedgerows and walls
  • Take litter home with you

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