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Do I need permission?

You may be surprised what you need permission for. Digging a pond, creating a mound, putting up a satellite dish or building a raised patio may all require planning permission. We recommend you contact us for advice if you intend to:

  • use a digger
  • employ a builder
  • change the use of a building
  • put up an advertisement

Read our general guidance: Do I need planning permission?

Questions and answers

We have written a list of commonly asked questions and answers. You may find an answer to your query. If not, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

Read the questions and answers.

Pre-application advice service

Please note that from Monday 10th January 2022 our pre application advice service is suspended and we will not be accepting any requests for pre application advice, other than for schemes relating to Grade 1 and Grade2* listed buildings (but not Grade 2 buildings) and for proposals that constitute Major Development.  We will also accept simpler enquiries seeking advice as to the need for planning permission and listed building consent. These are free services.

We are working through the current list of pre application advice submissions and will be in touch with all customers to advise the best way forward, which is likely to be one of the following options:

  • Honouring the enquiry based on the above guidance or where a significant proportion of work has already begun (site visit, assessment, previous engagement with applicant/agent etc.)
  • Providing a refund of your fee
  • Obtaining your agreement to pause your pre application advice request until the service recommences (which will not be before 01/04/2022)
  • Advising you to submit an application.

We appreciate this decision may  cause significant inconvenience and apologise for that, however it has been made necessary due to resource issues in the Planning Service which we are currently making every effort to address.

We will review this on or around the 1st April 2022.

Find out more about our pre-application advice service.

Planning application forms

Here you will find the full range of application forms for your proposal.

Renewable energy

Before you consider installing a renewable energy device, we recommend that you are saving energy before you start generating it. Read our general guidance about renewable energy.

We have also written a list of commonly asked questions and answers about the planning permission required for renewable energy devices. Find out more about renewable energy and planning.

Conservation areas

Special rules apply to conservation areas. Planning officers take an area's special character into account when considering a planning application.

Find out more about planning permission in conservation areas.

Listed buildings

You will need consent to demolish a listed building or for any alterations or extensions which would affect its character as a building of architectural or historic interest. Applying for listed building consent process is very similar to the normal planning process.

Find out more about planning permission for listed buildings.

Top five tips

  • Get advice from our team as early as possible in your project.
  • Remember each case is different and each property has a different planning history.
  • Give us as much information as possible (including drawings, maps, plans, photos, measurements).
  • We can only offer you good advice if we have all the correct information.
  • Remember that we are here to help you; last year, we approved 88% of applications.

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