Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Recreational motor vehicles

Narrow country road surround by fields and deciduous woodland

Our strategy emphasises the need to protect the special qualities of the national park by:

  • managing the use of green lanes
  • working to tackle illegal use
  • working with people living in and visiting the national park to conserve, enhance, understand and enjoy our green lanes.

Strategy for managing recreational motor vehicles

How we carry out this work

Our action plans outline how we will carry out this work:

Who does what?

Respect, restraint, restriction

All users can reduce their impact on other users, the environment and local communities by using the lanes in a responsible and sustainable manner. We encourage everyone to work with us to look after green lanes in the national park and to control illegal use.

Please Keep on Track to prevent damage to verges and consider voluntary restraint to reduce impact and conflict of use. Where respect and restraint are not enough, a traffic regulation order (or TRO) may be considered. The highway authorities and the national park authority have the powers to make traffic regulation orders to legally restrict vehicles on certain routes.

Get involved

From time to time, we need volunteers to help with our green lanes. This work is carried out through Peak Park Conservation Volunteers.

Finding out

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