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Manifold Way Sensory Trail

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Manifold Way Sensory Trail

  1. Sight and touch - Walk onto the old packhorse bridge and look down to watch the patterns in the water flowing under it. What does the bridge feel like? Rough or smooth, cool or hot?
  2. Sight - As you continue down the valley along the road, look both far and near. In the summer the edges of the road will be covered in wildflowers and grasses. Look at all their different shapes and colours.
  3. Sight - What shapes can you spot in this ancient bridge spanning the river on the opposite road? In the craggy hillside behind the bridge, can you spot the cave?
  4. Sight - Pause for a moment and look up at the sky. It doesn’t matter whether the sky is clear and blue or overcast and grey; it is always full of shifting and changing patterns whatever the weather. Can you spot any birds flying overhead? Imagine what an amazing view they have of the river meandering down the valley.
  5. Sound - As you cross the bridge, stop and listen to the sound of the river. Can you hear any other sounds? Perhaps the wind in the trees or some bird song?
  6. Sight and touch - Take some time to explore all the shapes and textures of the leaves, branches, buds or seeds of the trees in the hedge along the path.
  7. Touch and smell -On the shady bank, you will see lots of plants that can grow in damp places. What do they feel like? Do they have an interesting smell? There are some taller trees near the path here too, can you feel the bark on their thick trunks?
  8. Sound - Stop again and listen to the sound of the river. This is now a peaceful valley, but in the past, you would have heard the sound of trains on the Manifold Light Railway, carrying milk from local dairies to nearby market towns.
  9. Sight - There are many caves in this dramatic hillside in front of you. Can you spot Thor’s Cave? There is evidence that people lived here more than 10,000 years ago.
  10. Sight - As the path swings to the right, this is the end of the sensory trail. Take a moment to see how many different colours you can see all around you?

Now reflect on and savour all the sensory experiences you have explored on the trail before retracing your steps.

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Getting there

Start at Wetton Mill in the Manifold Valley.

Ordnance Survey grid reference: SK 0957 5610

Postcode: DE6 2AG

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