Green fields highlighted by sunrays through heavy clouds from Curbar Edge

Tideswell Dale Sensory Trail

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Tideswell Dale Sensory Trail

  1. Touch - Feel the smooth cool texture of the stone post at the edge of the car park.
  2. Touch - Touch the bark of the tall trees along the path. What does it feel like?
  3. Touch - The river is very close to the path here, can you reach down to touch the cool water or imagine the coolness of the water.
  4. Sight - Gaze up into the branches of this mighty beech tree standing tall, then look down to the ground to see if you can find some small beech nuts that contain the power to grow into a tall tree.
  5. Touch - In this shady spot, feel the damp green moss growing on the stones and trees at the edge of the path.
  6. Sound - Listen to the babbling of the little river as you rest on the bench. A very long time ago this small river was so big that it had the power to carve out this valley. Imagine what it would have sounded like then.
  7. Sight - Cross the bridge and you will see a jumble of trees all tangled together. Why not creep under the twisted branches and look up? What shapes and patterns can you see?
  8. Sight - The valley opens out before you with the limestone cliffs and hills in the distance. What colours can you see all around you?
  9. Smell/sight - Pick a tiny bit of one of the leaves of the plants on this bank, squish it between your fingers and give it a sniff to discover its sensory delights. Please don’t pick any flowers. In spring and summer this bank will be full of flowers and herbs. Count how many different flowers you can see and choose your favourite one.
  10. Sound - Before you make your return journey back up the valley rest awhile on one of the benches or lean on the bridge and enjoy nature’s symphony for a few minutes - savour the many different natural sounds in this beautiful valley and store them as a nurturing memory.
  11. Sight - As you wander along the open grass area, can you spot any insects?

Retrace your route from the upper bridge back to the car park.

Trail marker symbols © Copyright Sensory Trust (2023)

Getting there

Start at the car park at Tideswell Dale via the B4049, south from Tideswell or from the A6 Buxton to Bakewell Road.

Ordnance Survey grid reference: SK 1538 7418

Postcode: SK17 8SN

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