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Senior management roles and salaries


Regulation 4 of the Accounts and Audit (Amendment no. 2) (England) Regulations 2009 introduced a legal requirement for reporting the salaries of senior employees in order to increase transparency and accountability in local government.

Our senior management team consists of a chief executive and three directors who are responsible for:

  • corporate strategy and development
  • planning and conservation
  • commercial development and engagement

Together, they manage staff and different areas of work so that we can implement the strategies and policies set by members.


  • Chief executive: £88,985 to £94,546
  • Directors: £60,523 - £65,975

Roles and responsibilities

The following information sets out details of their individual roles and responsibilities

Chief Executive, Sarah Fowler (full-time post)

The Chief Executive has a broad role and is accessible to staff, Members, partners and the public. She takes a lead on key issues and provides support to other directors.

The Chief Executive is the main adviser on strategies and policies, and leads on delivering national park purposes and duties. This includes ensuring that strategies are coherent, effective and of a high quality. All these strategies are guided by the National Park Management Plan.

The Chief Executive is in charge of areas of growth, such as the ongoing commitment to the UK National Parks 'Breathing Spaces' brand and special areas of protection, promoting sustainable development and tackling climate change.

A key function of the role is to lead on the development and exploration of new business opportunities for income generation, including fundraising, whilst ensuring that activities support the core purposes of the National Park. Alongside this the Chief Executive ensures that we provides value for money to the public and demonstrates good financial management through the provision of financial resources and effective control of expenditure.

She also leads on performance issues, setting objectives and deciding priorities. This includes developing our culture to ensure that it is properly structured and has the right staff to enable it to deliver its priorities.

Director of Corporate Strategy and Development, David Hickman (full-time post)

The Director of Corporate Strategy and Development sets the strategic framework we operate in from the National Park Management Plan to corporate strategy and business performance. In achieving this he provides a research, partnership and commissioning role to develop new programmes.

A key function of the role is to ensure, working with Statutory Officers, the financial health and good governance of the Authority and to provide, facilitate and develop good business services and practices including corporate service functions.

Director of Planning and Conservation, John Scott (full-time post)

The Director of Planning and Conservation provides leadership to ensure that we protect and care for the special qualities of the National Park and to help communities connect with and be supported by a thriving world-class landscape and all within it.

The key responsibilities of the role are to ensure that we have a good policy and regulatory framework for our statutory purpose to protect and care for the National Park; to delivery the policy and regulatory framework through planning services and through the provision of specialist and conservation advice and influencing on our estate and with other land managers; and to deliver policy on the ground through mechanisms such as landscape scale partnerships like the Moors for the Future Partnership and the South West Peak Partnership.

Director of Commercial Development and Engagement, Adrian Barraclough (full-time post)

The Director of Commercial Development and Engagement is responsible for building an active supporter base in order to diversify and grow income and to connect audiences with the special qualities of the National Park to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of it. This will be achieved through the creation of stimulating visitor experiences and specialist educational content and by enhancing our reputation for expertise in managing a National Park and maximising the commercial value of our brand.

View our full leadership team structure.

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