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Our land and property


Our property/land portfolio is spread throughout the national park and includes offices, workshops, ranger briefing and visitor centres, volunteers centres, woodlands, campsites, former railway lines used as recreational trails, and car parks. We have included property and land that we own and occupy as tenants under leases or tenancies,  or that we manage under other arrangements.

Property List

In line with the Local Government Transparency Code we've published a list of our property and land interests.

We occupy property under three forms of tenure, (means of ownership or  occupation)

  • Freehold –  we own the asset
  • Leasehold – we are the tenant or joint tenant under a long or short-term lease or periodic tenancy, or we are a licensee under a licence which does not amount to a formal interest in the land or property
  • Managed – we solely or jointly occupy or manage under an agreement which does not give us a formal interest in the land or property,  or we manage the site in a non-corporate capacity, for example as a trustee.

What is 'in hand land'

The list contains a reference to 'in hand land' which refers to land that is 'in the hands of’ the landlord on a rural estate. It is often let on a licence agreement to a farmer for the purpose of seasonal grazing or mowing. The farmer will not have security of tenure on the land and, as such, the landlord can take the land ‘back in hand’ to use themselves. Much of our ‘in hand land’ is on the Warslow Moors Estate in the South West Peak

The list will be reviewed annually, however, may be revised periodically based on changes occurring within the year.

The information is available in both PDF and CSV formats from Land and Property.

For more information about any of the sites on the list please contact our Customer and Business Support Team at

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