Peak Curriculum Secondary


Free online resources to be used before and after educational visits for secondary schools.

Hydrology and River Studies

Spreadsheets and previous results for comparison (these include Spearman Rank, Pearson Product Moment and Zingg's plot calculations):

Hill Stream flood surge video - A short video taken by Moors for the Future researchers during a sudden thunderstorm.

Limestone Grassland Ecology (A level required practical)

Limestone Grassland Ecology Discussion

Limestone Grassland Ecology Stats

Biodiversity Index (worked example)

Carbon and Water (A level Geography)

Carbon cycle diagram (Moorland and Global)

Introduction to the Peak District Moors video

Quadrat and peat results  (Emergency)

Carbon discharge results  (Emergency)

General Resources

Moorland Discovery Teachers' Pack

This pack is designed to help teachers and group leaders to lead a safe and fun visit to the moorland areas of the Peak District National Park. The pack is aimed at supporting both class and field-work for students from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4.

The State of the Park Report

This is an up to the date collection of facts collected by our research teams about every aspect of the national park. How many visitors? How much money? How much land is owned by who? etc etc. and is particularly useful to those studying tourism.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Find out all you need to know about which animals plants and habitats need protecting and why. Particularly useful for 'A' Level groups.

Moors for the Future

Our partner organisation has a variety of educational resources including background presentations on blanket bogs, links to the syllabus and worksheets. They also have a variety of free apps that provide a unique guide to the flora, fauna and landscape features of the Park's moorland features. For more useful apps see below.


Digimaps for Schools is an online mapping service for use by teachers and pupils that provides easy access to a range of current and historical Ordnance Survey maps and aerial photography

Using Apps in fieldwork

There are many Apps which can be downloaded for free which are brilliant for enhancing your fieldwork. Among them are "Skitch" which allows you to annotate photos, "GPS log" which positions your photos and notes and sound and light meter apps for making recordings in the field.

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