Engaging with us on social media


We want our social media channels to be inviting, positive and welcoming places – as we hope you would find in other public outlets such as our visitor centres.

What we aim to achieve with our social media channels:

  • our posts will inform, engage and inspire all users, across a wide range of audiences
  • we will aim to respond to direct messages (where content is appropriate) as soon as possible, although it is not monitored 24/7
  • social media posts will be positive, encouraging self-expression, conversation and sharing between other users
  • we will respect the rights, dignity and property of others

In line with how we would expect our staff to be treated face-to-face, we will not respond to, or engage with social media content or messages which are:

  • threatening, abusive, obscene, indecent or objectionable
  • contain swearing or other inappropriate written language
  • make political or religious references (unless in relation to a specific question or event)

We also ask that users do not post content that is:

  • deceptive, false, or misleading
  • violates the intellectual property rights of other people
  • is illegal
  • contains information that may put wildlife or individuals at risk
  • references commercial advertising or spam
  • is inappropriate, offensive, or hateful

We sometimes receive a significant number of questions regarding the same issue or event. In this case, unless a specific question not covered by our existing information has been asked, we may refer users to a dedicated webpage instead of issuing a personalised response. If you still have specific questions, please refer this via direct mail to

We reserve the right to block users that violate our guidelines. All content must also comply with the relevant social media channel's policies too.

Thank you for helping us to keep all our social media channels a safe and positive place to be.

Our main social media channels are:

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