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Launch of Audio Chapter Kinder Scout - Voices From The Peak

This is an archived press release

Friday 23 April 2021

Poet Mark Gwynne Jones recording soundsThe third chapter of Voices From The Peak audio artwork is being released on Saturday 24 April to mark the 70th anniversary of the Peak District National Park.

Derbyshire poet and recording artist Mark Gwynne Jones has created the series of audio-artworks, collectively called Voices From The Peak, which features three immersive chapters – soundscapes of the varied lives, landscapes, and unheard stories of this strange and beautiful region.

Described as “Ideal for wandering in spirit while cooped up at home”, Voices From the Peak combines natural atmospherics, spoken word, and music to capture the spirit of the Peak District and bring it to the ears of the listener.

Mark Gwynne Jones created this magical “audio odyssey” with contributions from Peakland shepherds, miners, political activists, singers, a meteorologist, and renowned musician Ashley Hutchings of Fairport Convention, who lives in Derbyshire.

All three chapters, ‘Burning Drake’, ‘Snow!’ and ‘Kinder Scout’ are available to listen to online at

The series begins in the underworld of the limestone and through anecdote, humour and some startling observations, and leads us to the Kinder Trespass, the creation of the UK’s first National Park, and the now vital battle to heal the moorlands - a huge carbon store eroded by years of acid rain.

Mark Gwynne Jones said, “It’s an honour to be working with the Peak District National Park. As a poet born in Derbyshire, I have a lifelong love of the region, its people, wildlife, and diverse terrain.

“It’s almost a cliché now to say that the pandemic has forced us to reconnect with where we live, but recording people and the natural world this past three years has been a revelation. There are so many stories with surprising connections running through the land here. These recordings have unearthed something magic and I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Sarah Fowler, Chief Executive of the Peak District National Park, said: “The Peak District National Park has been here for everyone for seventy years inspiring the lives of thousands of residents and millions of visitors.

“Whilst no-one could have anticipated the global circumstances in which we find ourselves looking forward to this remarkable milestone, it is perhaps holding a mirror to the Peak District’s ground-breaking early years as people sought sanctuary within the open spaces that contrasted with our daily and urban lives – just as we are now.

“And with that pioneering spirit in mind, I hope everyone will appreciate as part of our 70th anniversary celebrations, the latest chapter of the Voices From The Peak soundscape which focuses on the connections between people and place. Chapter 3 Kinder Scout is particularly significant as it brings to life those links between the past and present that linger in the landscape.

“However we are able to celebrate – either in person or through the inspiring digital spaces available to us in 2021, I’m sure everyone will want to reflect on the difference our national parks have made to throughout the country.”

This is an archived press release

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