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Replacing the footbridge at Cressbrook Mill

Friday 26 January 2024

Cressbrook footbridge needs replacing

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A number of local organisations are currently raising awareness of, and in some cases fundraising for, the reinstatement of the Cressbrook Mill/Water-cum-Jolly footbridge.

The 20m (60ft) long bridge was initially installed by the military in the 1980s but fell into significant disrepair in 2019/20 and was structurally condemned leading to its closure as a route for safety reasons.

A desire to maintain this popular access point for both local communities and visitors alike was raised with the Peak District National Park Authority, however the Authority did not own the bridge.

Following engagement with various local stakeholders, the National Park Authority has now agreed to adopt the bridge and has undertaken an initial assessment of the costs involved to install a sustainable and resilient solution that will require minimal ongoing maintenance. Due to the challenging nature of the site, access and the size of the required bridge, this work is expected to cost in the region of £180,000. The Authority has agreed to cover the removal costs of the existing structure (around £20,000) however the remaining funds will be need to sourced from alternative means.

It is anticipated that a large proportion of this will be covered by a Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) grant which has Access as one of its key outcomes, although local charities and others are also seeking to contribute to ensure the final costs can be met. Planning approval has been sought and granted, and following further required approvals within the National Park Authority a final bid will be made to the FiPL awarding board.

Once a timeline has been established for the design, construction and installation of the bridge this will be made public, however due to the complexity of the project it is anticipated this may take several months.

Once open, the bridge will continue to be available to all users able to access the adjoining routes.

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