Conversions Supplementary Planning Document


The conversion of buildings forms a significant part of the PDNPA planning casework. The need for a Conversion of Historic Buildings Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been recognised to interpret national guidance in the landscape context specific to the National Park and to provide the level of detail necessary to guide choices about form, design and materials for those wishing to convert historic buildings. Although the highest planning pressure is upon the conversion of agricultural buildings, other
building types have been included.

The Peak District National Park Authority’s Conversion of Historic Buildings SPD provides clarification to DMP policy DMC10: Conversion of a heritage asset and focuses on 6 principles of conversion:

Principle 1: Understand the building and its setting  
Principle 2: Work with the existing form and character  
Principle 3: Follow a conservation approach  
Principle 4: Create responsive new design  
Principle 5: Use appropriate materials and detailing  
Principle 6: Conserve and enhance the setting

An informal consultation with internal colleagues and members of the Local Plan Review Steering Group was carried out for 2 weeks (24 February – 10 March 2021). Comments were received from colleagues in Policy and Communities team and members of the Local Plan Review Steering Group which resulted in a number of changes being made to the SPD to improve the understanding of terminology used and general clarity.

The SPD was approved for public consultation (subject to minor changes) at Planning Committee, 30th April 2021 and is due to be formally consulted on in public this summer (2021).

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