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Event organisers code of conduct


Coronavirus (COVID-19): Public events on Authority properties

Please be aware that due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic we will be reviewing event applications on a case by case basis taking into consideration:

  • Impact on special qualities
  • Capacity of the location to accommodate social distancing and other Covid safety measures
  • Current Government restrictions

There is a maximum limit of 200 participants for any event on Authority properties. All applications (including those for events with participant numbers below 200) are not guaranteed to be approved. Our position on organised events will be reviewed regularly in line with government guidance on Covid-19.

When you opt-in to our code of conduct:

  • You can add your event details to our organised event calendar at no cost, with a link to your website
  • The calendar will help event organisers and landowners to prevent clashes at key location and dates
  • We will promote your event to the public through our online events calendar
  • Participants can be reassured that your event has been planned to minimise impacts on the National Park.

I am signing up to this code of conduct because...

  • I have read and will abide by the Peak District National Park Organised Event Guidance
  • I will contact, and get permission where needed from landowners, parish councils, emergency services
  • I will take responsibility for carrying out my events sensitively and sustainably as attributed to in the Peak District National Park Organised Event Guidance
  • I will take responsibility for keeping my event website up to date with information on any cancellations or changes to the original listing on the Peak District National Park Organised Event Calendar (available from January 2020).

If you agree to the above, please complete the online notification form to register your event.

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