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Working with partners

Peak District millstones on hillside near Stanage

Working with partners

We work with a vast range of organisations and groups to look after the Peak District National Park. Generally, we work in partnership with the following groups:

  • Key delivery partners
  • Volunteers
  • Community groups
  • Businesses

Everyone can play a role in looking after the national park through the National Park Management Plan. Some partners will be able to do more than others because of the nature of their role.

Key delivery partners

A handful of organisations play a bigger role and we have agreed what key delivery partners will focus their energies on and how we will measure what is achieved. Key delivery partners include organisations such as the National Trust, Natural England, RSPB, Chatsworth Estate, wildlife trusts and utility companies, among others.


Much of the work that takes place to conserve and enhance the national park involves volunteers. There are many opportunities to volunteer, either with the National Park Authority itself or with other groups and organisations, such as the RSPB or the National Trust.

Community groups

Community groups play a crucial role and there are many ways that community groups can get involved. Community groups carry out work to protect historic buildings, carrying out conservation projects, producing village plans, identifying needs like affordable housing, to providing community transport.

Details of community groups ican usually be found on village websites, in village newsletters, on public noticeboards or from parish councils.


Businesses play an important role in the life and vitality of the Peak District National Park. They play a particularly key part in delivering an enterprising and sustainable economy, and a diverse working and cherished landscape.

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