PPCV Individuals


PPCV provides a unique opportunity for individuals to join in and help protect the environment through practical conservation projects. Anyone can join the PPCV Individual programme (although we do ask if you’re under 18 that a parent or guardian accompanies you). We run projects throughout the year. There is no minimum volunteer commitment: if you’re busy, it’s too far away, or you just don’t fancy the project that month then don’t worry, there is always next month.

It’s easy and free to get involved, in just 3 easy steps

Step one
Fill in the PPCV application form by clicking on this link. Once the webpage has loaded you will see the ‘Fill in an application’ form in the top right-hand corner. Just complete all of the details, we will then confirm your application and send a confirmation email.

Step two
Before each project you will receive an email inviting you to book onto the project via the ‘myimpact’ website. There is a limited amount of space on each project and sign-up is on a first come first served basis; once the project is full the website removes the volunteering day to stop it being oversubscribed. Also as you signup you will see all the details of the meeting point and some brief information about the project itself.

Step three
Turn up at the project, join in with the rest of the PPCV Individual volunteers, and have a great day.

Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with PPCV. We look forward to meeting you on a project site soon!

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