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LDF Consultation Spring 2009

innovative building in the Peak District

Local Development Framework Consultation

A consultation on the Core Strategy document for the Local Development Framework took place for 6 weeks between 26 October - 7 December 2009.

Comments on the Preferred Approaches were made in four ways.

  1. Commenting online via an online survey. The following documents were made available to inform comments.
  2. Sending comments by email to:
  3. Passing comments to the local parish or district council, business organisation or environmental interest-group (such as Friends of the Peak District) to be returned to us
  4. Sending comments by letter to Brian Taylor, Policy Planning Manager at:
    Peak District National Park Authority
    Aldern House
    Baslow Road
    Bakewell, DE45 1AE.

The following supporting documents are also available to view:

Following the consultation we will be finalising our policies and preparing for Examination at the end of 2010. Prior to this there will be a final chance for comment in summer 2010, when the focus will be on the soundness of the process. Points raised at that time will assist the Inspector who will preside over the Examination.


Covering 2011 to 2026, the new Core Strategy will be the master-plan of the National Park Authority's Local Development Framework against which planning decisions are made in the national park. As such, it will affect everyone who makes a planning application, whether they want to alter their property, build a new home, add an extension or create a business.

It will replace the 1994 Structure Plan which the National Park Authority previously used to make planning decisions. The plan describes our objectives for the Dark Peak, White Peak and South West and proposes our preferred approach for policy across various themes: landscape, settlements, climate change, housing, transport, economy and minerals.

Its overall vision is to protect the national park's natural beauty, wildlife, cultural heritage and tranquility, to make it a place people enjoy and appreciate, and to foster thriving communities and a healthy economy.

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