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LDF evidence base

innovative building in the Peak District

Complete evidence library and core document list

Core Documents list - web version

Core Documents list - PDF version (188 KB)  - last updated 8/4/2011

Local Development Framework Annual Monitoring Reports

Annual Monitoring Report 2011-2012 (1MB)
Annual Monitoring Report 2010-2011
Annual Monitoring Report 2009-2010 (735KB)
Annual Monitoring Report 2008-2009 (743KB)
Annual Monitoring Report 2007-2008 (593KB)
Annual Monitoring Report 2006-2007 (822KB)
Annual Monitoring Report 2005-2006 (743KB)
Annual Monitoring Report 2005 (720KB)

Core Strategy Themes

The Development Strategy

Review of settlements within the Peak District National Park (134KB)
Map of settlements in and near to the Peak District National Park (316KB)
Settlement summaries informing development strategies (149KB)

Landscape and Conservation

Landscape character assessment 2007
The Landscape Character Assessment establishes a baseline audit of the current character of the landscape and provides a framework for the measurement of future landscape change. The assessment will also help to promote appreciation and understanding of the landscape of the National Park.

Landscape character assessment 2007

Recreation and Tourism

Visitor survey 2005

Climate Change and Sustainable Building

National Park Climate Change Action Plan 2009-11 (265KB)

This document outlines the actions that need to be taken within the National Park to help mitigate the causes of, and adapt to the effects of, climate change in the years to come.

Also see our Peak Sub-Region Climate Change Study (8.8MB)  which focuses on the capacity and potential for renewables and low-carbon technology and incorporates a landscape sensitivity study of the area. Please note we have received comments from our primary data source for hydro which are likely to result in a revision to the Hydro section of this document.

Strategic flood risk assessment 2008

An assessment of the flood risk to the Peak District National Park both now and in the future, including detailed images and GIS data.

Strategic flood risk assessment 2008

Waste Management

Waste management background paper (455KB)

Homes and Communities

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2008

An assessment of the dynamics and drivers of the housing market within the Peak District sub-region. Published December 2008.

Contents (278KB)
Section 1 - introduction(115KB)
Section 2 - spatial extent of the sub-regional housing markets high quality (8.5MB) low quality (2.5MB)
Section 3 - drivers of the housing market(110KB)
Section 4 - demographic drivers of demand
Section 5 - economic drivers of demands
Section 6 - characteristics and structure of housing supply
Section 7 - housing needs and affordability
Section 8 - future housing provision (270KB)
Section 9 - future scenarios (146KB)
Section 10 - conclusions and policy implications (150KB)

Housing needs survey 2007 (1.6MB)
Key worker findings of housing needs survey (22KB)
Housing needs study implications (35KB)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) was prepared by ekosgen and Arup for High Peak Borough Council, Derbyshire Dales District Council and the Peak District National Park Authority. It is important to note the role of the SHLAA is not to allocate land for residential development but to provide evidence, alongside other studies, to help inform the decision processes as part of the Local Development Framework and development control decisions. The SHLAA identifies potential housing sites and indicates the strategic capacity. However it leaves to the plan making process (now underway) the policy judgements as to which sites should be factored into the Core Strategy and other Development Plan Documents. It does not prejudge the planning application process for each site.

SHLAA Final Report (888KB)
Peak sub-region SHLAA Maps (77MB) - please note this is a large file and we recommend you download it by right clicking on the file and choosing Save Link As or Save File As (ctrl+click on Mac)

Homes and Communities Agency single conversation: peak housing market area investment plan: april 2010 - 2014 (5.6MB) Adobe pdf document

Peak sub-region town centre and retail study 2009

A study of shopping provision within the Peak District sub-region, identifying potential requirements for new retail floorspace in the principal centres to 2026
Town centre and retail study

Peak sub-region open space, sport and recreation study 2009
An audit and needs assessment of open space and sports facilities within the Peak sub-region.
Open space assessment report (3.1MB)
Sports assessment report (2.7MB)

Derbyshire Gypsy and Traveller accommodation assessment 2008
Executive summary (1.2MB)
Main report of study findings (1.9MB)

Population projections workshop 2007
Notes from a workshop which explored the impact of recent population, housing and labour force projections on National Park policies.
Population projections workshop 2007 (50KB)
Peak District National Park population context (55KB)

Annual Housing Report
2001 Census of Population results (4MB)
Population, household and labour force projections 2001-2026
Community Strategies in and around the Peak District National Park (106KB)
Key worker findings of housing needs survey (22KB)
Peak National Park Structure Plan (Deposit Edition) 1992 (Extract) (835KB)
Factsheet 7 - Peak District National Park Authority - no of dwellings built and committed since 1977 (39KB)


Peak Sub-region employment land review 2008
The study reviews the current supply of employment land in the sub-region, and considers the future employment land and premises requirements to 2026.
Peak Sub-Region Employment Land Review (20MB)

Survey of Businesses in the Peak District and Rural Action Zone 2005 (900KB)


Minerals background paper (1.6MB) Adobe pdf document


Accessibility of services by public transport in relation to Local Plan Settlements
A series of maps showing the accessibility of core services to residents of settlements within the Peak District when using public transport. A benchmark of 30 minutes has been used throughout.
Community hall (93KB)
GP surgery (97KB)
Hospital with outpatients department (99KB)
Pharmacy (98KB)
Post office (103KB)
Primary school (124KB)
Public house (121KB)
Secondary school (101KB)
Supermarket (112KB)

Consultation Events

Report of partner event 2005


Coinciding with the launch of the Issues and Options document, over 50 stakeholders met to discuss the future management of the National Park.
Report of partner event 2005 (600KB)

Help Shape the Future survey results 2004
Questionnaires were distributed by email, at local summer agricultural shows, local libraries and Tourist Information Centres. 388 responses were received.
Help Shape the Future survey results 2004 (30KB)

Public meetings 2004

Tony Hams and Jim Dixon

Key issues affecting local communities were discussed at six meetings hosted by the National Park Authority's Chair and Chief Executive. For summaries of issues raised at each meeting, click on the links below:

Community workshops 2008

A series of community workshops took place in October 2008 to discuss the Local Development Framework and Landscape Strategy. Workshops took place in Kettleshulme, Hathersage, Hayfield, Warslow, Bakewell, Bradfield and Holme.
Summary of comments from workshops (49KB)

Core Strategy Issues and Options - Consultation Responses 2007 (35KB)

Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA)

Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) Scoping Report
Scoping report with consultation responses - July 2008 (221KB)
Scoping report appendices (470KB)

Sustainability matrices for core strategy refined options
Summary sheet (38KB)
Climate change options (148KB)
Economy options (145KB)
Housing options (145KB)
Landscape options (52KB)
Minerals options (58KB)
Settlement options (65KB)
Transport options (226KB)

SA / SEA of core strategy preferred approaches
Non-technical summary (103KB)
Report (555KB)
Appendices (938KB)

General National Park evidence

National Parks Vision and Circular 2010 (on Defra website 1MB )

State of the Park Report and update 2004

Review of English National Park Authorities - DEFRA 2002 (336KB)

Regional Spatial Strategy / Regional Plan (revoked )
The regional plan was been revoked by government in 2010 and is no longer part of the suite of strategic planning documents for the National Park. It is however still a part of the evidence base for the LDF.

More information about the Regional Spatial Strategy [external website]

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