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Bradwell Village Plan

Peak District field barn in middle of several fields surrounded by dry stone walls in the Peak District

Bradwell Village Plan (494KB)

At Planning Committee on 19 April 2013, it was resolved:

  • To welcome the work on the Bradwell Parish Plan as positive step towards a Neighbourhood Plan; and
  • That at this stage in the development of the Parish Plan the statements summarised at paragraph 12 may be afforded limited weight as material planning considerations.

Paragraph 12 of the report states:

Key Areas which support or appear to support Local Development Plan objectives:


Objective 2

  • Desire to safeguard employment space
  • Requiring essential services to be maintained
  • Identifying and encouraging the use of sites for starter and expansion units (for example at the Newburgh site).


  • Improvements in Broadband, mobile and landline, tv and digital radio in the valley
  • Maintain a post office in the future that continues to meet the needs of both retail and commercial customers
  • Maintain a public transport service, increase the frequency and time of the train connections. Ensure the road system is fit for purpose.


  • Desire to address local housing needs of young and elderly including issues of affordability.

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