Parish Statements and Village plans


Parish Statements

We are informally consulting on parish statements. This is an initial engagement stage with parishes and local communities to help shape a series of parish statements we are proposing.

We have prepared parish statements for the majority of parishes within the Peak District National Park. They are ‘living’ documents that can be regularly updated by parishes and us to reflect changes when they occur. Some statements are shared between parishes which is a result of how the census 2011 data is mapped. Please see list below to find your parish statement.

The purpose of the statements

  • to understand parish dynamics
  • to inform the Local Plan review and planning matters in general
  • for parishes to use as a platform for their vision/aspirations
  • for parishes to use as a planning tool for the future and to guide planning related matters
  • to help access funding for community projects
  • additionally a parish statement could be the starting point to preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

These statements are DRAFT. There are gaps where information is missing. Please help us complete these sections. You can also suggest additions or amendments which would benefit from a parish perspective to improve the statement. If you have any photos to use in the documents, please send those to us.

With regards to distance to nearest services, if missing, this will be updated by us.

Potential for affordable house – does your parish have any outstanding affordable housing needs and do you know of any potential sites in your community? Please submit a site plan and address to help us identify them.

Please send your feedback (referencing your parish statement) to by July 31st 2019.

We are looking forward to receiving your comments.

The Policy and Communities Service

Please note that the following parishes do not have a statement because they largely fall outside of the National Park:

  • Meltham
  • Stocksbridge
  • Chisworth
  • Holmesfield
  • Barlow
  • Brampton
  • Northwood and Tinkersley
  • Brassington
  • Bradbourne
  • Bradnop
  • Bosley

Village Plans

A village plan (also called a community plan or a parish plan) tackles social, economic and environmental themes that residents themselves have decided are important.

Village plans:

  • are always developed by residents, working closely with local authorities and service providers
  • can be produced by any community group, not just the parish council, although it is always best work together
  • can be used as an action plan, a way of getting organised, raising money and implementing projects
  • on their own do not have legal weight, but can be used to develop a  neighbourhood plan or supplementary planning guidance
  • can be a ‘material consideration’ and used by the Authority in its planning decisions. The more closely a village plan aligns and adds detail to National Park planning policies, and the more that it demonstrates broad community involvement and a consensus of opinion, the more weight it can be given. Find out more about material planning considerations on the Royal Town Planning Institute's website.

Village plans and conservation areas

Many villages in the national park have a Conservation Area. Once a Conservation Area Appraisal has been undertaken by the Authority, that identifies special architectural and historic qualities, we can work with residents to produce a Conservation Area Management Plan. 

This identifies issues that impact on the special qualities, and shows how they can be retained and enhanced. Or, with our help, you could ‘integrate’ conservation management into your village plans.

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