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Monsal Trail - Work to re-open the tunnels

Work started to re-open the tunnels and improve the surface of the Monsal Trail in December 2009 and was completed in May 2011 through the Pedal Peak District project.

Pedal Peak District also encouraged thousands of people to take up or do more cycling by running cycle training, bike maintenance courses and cycling events.

Project costs

The whole project has cost £2.25 million. Approximate breakdown of costs includes:

  • Clearing the tunnels - £20,000
  • Surveys - £40,000
  • Repairs to tunnels - £360,000
  • Resurfacing trail and tunnels - £400,000
  • Lighting the tunnels - £600,000
  • 3 new access ramps to trail  £60,000
  • Investigating link routes  - £120,000
  • Social marketing - £240,000 (including development of

Who has paid for it?

The work has been funded by the Department of Transport through Cycling England’s Finding New Solutions scheme and implemented by the Peak District National Park Authority through the Pedal Peak District project.

Why was the work done?

To create a traffic-free route into and through the national park and make cycling a realistic, healthy alternative to using the car for work and leisure.

Is the project finished?

Phase 1 of the project, to reopen the tunnels and create a linear cycle route, was completed by May 2011. However, further funding and planning permission is being sought to extend the route into Buxton.

There is a longer term vision to eventually create a circular route linking up Bakewell, Buxton and Matlock. This would involve linking existing cycle trails along the former railway routes of the High Peak and Tissington Trails with new sections. Further funding and planning permission would be needed to make any of this vision a reality.

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