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Cycling at Parsley Hay

Share With Care logoTo ensure our trails remain enjoyable for everyone please respect other users by following the code of conduct...

All users

  • Keep to the left.
  • Take all litter home with you and clean up after your dog.
  • Use the trail safely and be considerate to other users.


  • Be aware tunnels are a strange environment for horses and shouts or loud noises can be frightening.
  • Keep dogs under close control and on a short lead in tunnels.
  • If the trail is busy, avoid being in large groups across the trail.


  • Please keep your speed down and give way to other users.
  • Pass people slowly when it is safe to do so.
  • Use a bell or call out when approaching others from behind.
  • Take particular care in the tunnels and where the path is narrow.

Horse riders

  • Please keep to a walking pace when passing other users and no more than a trot at other times.

There are no rights for recreational motor vehicles and motorcycles to use the trails.

Lightweight transport vehicles (also known as 'e-scooters' are not permitted on our trails network).

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