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Localism Act

The Localism Act 2011 introduced changes to the approach the standards regime. At a meeting held on 6 July 2012 the Authority agreed a new code of conduct for Members, approved guidance to Members on declaring interests and confirmed the approach to be used to process alleged breaches of the code. To make it easier to find documents relating to the new regime they are available on this one page.

In July 2016 the Authority appointed Philip Sunderland and Jean Walker as Independent Persons to advise the Authority and its members on issues relating to Standards. Information relating to their role and their contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Code of Conduct

4.1.01 Members Code of Conduct

Investigation Decision Notice

When the Authority has received a complaint relating to a member in accordance with the procedure below the monitoring officer will carry out an initial assessment to determine whether the allegations warrant further investigation. If this is the case the Monitoring Officer will appoint an investigator to look at the allegations in more detail and then makes a decision in light of the recommendations in investigators final report.

Where an investigation has been carried out, with the consent of the member who is the subject of the complaint, a notice will be published on our website.

Declaring Interests

4.1.02 Register of Members Interests Form
4.1.03 Gifts and Hospitality Registration Form
4.1.04 Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interests at Meetings - Guidance
4.1.05 Declaring Interests Flowchart - Questions to ask yourself
4.1.06 Arrangements for dealing with allegations
4.1.07 Interests - A guide for Members

Procedures and Guidance

4.1.08 Procedure for considering complaints
4.1.09 Procedure for Investigations
4.1.10 Guidance for Members subject to an investigation
4.1.11 Procedure for Hearings


4.1.12 Complaint form
4.1.13 Form A - Members response to evidence
4.1.14 Form B - Other Evidence 
4.1.15 Form C - Representations to be taken into account 
4.1.16 From D - Hearing Arrangements
4.1.17 Form E - Witness Details

Independent Persons

4.1.18  Contact Details, Job Description and Person Specification

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