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Bakewell Neighbourhood Plan

peak district landscape

Bakewell Neighbourhood Plan

Bakewell post examination withdrawal statement

Bakewell Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 15 Submission Version)

Examiner's Report


Appendix 1 A Brief History of Bakewell

Appendix 2 Map of Bakewell Conservation Area

Appendix 3 Map of Pretoria Mine in Relation to Policy DB1

Appendix 4 Map of Environment Agency Flood Zone in Relation to Policy DB1

Appendix 5 Existing Information and Policies to Protect Features of Natural History and Cultural Heritage

Appendix 6a Map of Regionally & Nationally Important Archaeology

Appendix 6b Table of Regionally & Nationally Important Archaeology

Appendix 7 Local Green Spaces Detailed Maps

Appendix 8 Housing Needs Survey of Bakewell Infants School Parents

Appendix 9 Experian Town Centre Report Summary of Findings

Appendix 10 A-board Guidance

Consultation Statement

Consultation Statement

Consultation Statement Appendix 1

Consultation Statement Appendix 2

Consultation Statement Appendix 3

Consultation Statement Appendix 4

Consultation Statement Appendix 5

Consultation Statement Appendix 6

Consultation Statement Appendix 7

Consultation Statement Appendix 8

Basic Conditions Statement

Basic Conditions Statement

Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Statement

Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment)

Screening Report

Scoping Report

Site Assessments for Boundary Extension (Policy DB1)

Site 1 Riverside Business Park

Site 2 Cintrides

Site 3 Land Adjacent to Cintrides

Site 4 Land East of Lakeside

Site 5 Holme Bank Quarry

Site 6 Burre House

Site 7 Land North of Burre House

Site 8 Land Adjacent to Aldern House

Site 9 Aldern House

Site 10 Mesne Lane

Site 11 Land Adjacent to Monsal Trail

Site 12 Land East of Station Road

Site 13 Brooklands

Site 14 Torne Valley

Site 15 Land Around Stoney Closes

Site 16 Lady Manners Playing Fields

Site 17 The Old Vicarage

Site 18 Land South of Stanedge Road

Evidence Documents

Bakewell 2012 and Beyond

Employment Land and Retail Review

Town Centre Public Ream Framework

Living Streets

Summary of Employment Land in the Peak District

PDNPA Demographic Forecasts (Feb 2018) Edge Analytics

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