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Types of bikes for hire


We have a wide variety of cycles for hire suitable for all ages and abilities including a range for the less able. Not all bikes are available from every centre - please call the centre you are visiting in advance for more information.



Adult bikes (available at all centres)

We have both ladies and gents frames available in a range of sizes including small adult cycles for children who are too tall for a standard child's bike.

Gents cycle  Ladies cycle

Children's bikes (available at all centres)

Our children's bikes range in size from a 16" wheel up to a 24" wheel and are suitable for children from 4 to 9 years old.

20in childs bike  24 in childs bike

Tandems (available at Parsley Hay and Ashbourne)

Tandems are, as everybody knows, bicycles made for two and are a fun, alternative way to enjoy your ride. They are also ideal for children who are too tall for our Trail-a-Bikes, those who cannot ride a bike or who are not confident cyclists.


Higher specification hardtail mountain bike (available at Derwent)

Get the upper hand on rough, rugged trails with our new additions to the fleet. We have five higher specification hardtail mountain bikes which are ideal for those who want to explore a bit further afield. Available in size 18" and  20"

 Giant Talon 3  Giant Talon 3

Electric bikes (available at all centres)

Our electric bikes are from Raleigh and are ideal for those who struggle to ride a normal bike or keep up with others in their party. The electric motor assists as you pedal along making going on a bike ride a breeze. Only available to hirers over the age of 16 years.

 Juicy Electric bike

Dog Trailer (available at all centres)

Our dog trailers can give your dog a welcome rest on a longer rides. Limited availability, please call the centre to book.


Children's equipment


Tag a long (available at all centres)

These are single wheel bikes that are towed by an adult rider. This allows children between the ages of 4 and 6/7 years to enjoy a bike ride without needing the ability to ride on their own. Maximum weight limit 38kg.

Child trailer

Trailer (available at all centres)

Our buggies are capable of taking two children from age 12 months upwards (we recommend that your child is able to sit upright unattended and hold their head up). There is also room in the back for you to take along a picnic. Maximum weight limit 45kg.


Babyseat (available at all centres)

Babyseats are fixed to the back of our bikes. They can carry a child from the age of 12 months up to approximately 2/3 years. Maximum weight limit 15kg.

 Balance bike

Balance bike (available at all centres)

Ideal for toddlers who are ready to learn to ride and absolutely perfect for our flat, traffic free trails. Stand over height 12.5".

Accessible for all


Tricycles (available at Parsley Hay)

Our tricycles are ideal for adults and older children who are unable to ride a standard cycle either through having balance problems or those who have simply never learned to ride.


Tandem Trike (available at Parsley Hay)

Tandems trikes are, as everybody knows, bicycles made for two and are great for people with balance or sight problems. This one has 2 wheels at the back for stability. They are also ideal for those who cannot ride a bike or who are not confident cyclists.

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Hand-crank cycles (available at Parsley Hay)

Hand-crank cycles are, as the name suggests, powered using the arms rather than the legs. They give people who are unable to use pedal cycles the freedom and independence to get out into the countryside and enjoy a cycle ride.


Wheelchair cycles (available at Parsley Hay)

Enables those with limited mobility or wheelchair dependency the ability to participate in cycling with family and friends. Also ideal for family members with broken legs or taking grandparents for a day in the countryside!


Beamer Tramper mobility scooter (available at Derwent and Parsley Hay)

The Tramper is an all-terrain mobility scooter which gives the less-able the ability to go further than ever before.


Boma all terrain wheelchair bike - Parsley Hay only

The Boma is an electrically powered all terrain mobility solution designed to accommodate riders with a range of physical impairments. Boma is suitable for riders who have some use of their upper body and arms. Designed for easy access for wheelchair/seated position as well as from standing position; the front wheel of the Boma can be swung out of the way, allowing extra space to draw your wheelchair in the transfer. The handlebar steering system is extremely intuitive, as is the twist grip motorbike style throttle. The throttle can be fitted on the left or right side, or on both sides (interchangeable by switch) which can be useful for riders who suffer with fatigue in their grip.

Boma bike

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